Broad tree-lined avenue and vista suddenly give in to narrow alley taking you to an age of kings, princes, velour and bravery. Small shops huddled together, groan under the burden of age; small "dhaba" (roadside restaurants) selling freshly prepared delicacies; a wonderful collection of curious, handicraft, jewelles and jewellery. All with a few meters of fast-food restaurants serving everything from pizzas and hamburgers to colas and lemonades, glitzy shopping plazas, air-conditioned designer boutiques. This reflects the true spirits of New Delhi. Art and culture play a vital role in the city's life which is reflected in the art galleries and museums which from an integral part of the city.

After all the years, New Delhi still retains its colors. Stately lawns and fountains, the colonial edifice of Rashtrapati Bhavan - the residence of the president of India, the sweeping drive from the Bhavan to the India gates – a monument dedicated to the soldiers who lost their lives during world war 1.

Delhi has the country's best facilities for holding conventions, seminars and exhibitions. Over the years the city has hosted some of the most prestigious conferences in this part of the world. The city's venues are ultra-modern and numerous choices are available. It also offers all support facilities that are so important for a successful conference from film making to slide preparations and audio-visuals to almost overnight. New Delhi is all this and much more. It is what you want it to be-a modern city busting with life or a city of Old World charms.

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